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Meet Lucy

Hey there friends! While I love listening to stories, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a little bit about my story and why I have decided to run for the District 35 Senate seat.

I am a home health physical therapist and I live in Sumter, SC. From 2009 until 2021 I lived in Camden, SC. I am the ONLY candidate running that has lived in all four counties of District 35 at some point in my life.

Though I grew up in Columbia, my dad always jokes about how I was "made in Sumter." My parents moved to Columbia the year I was born, 1976. I was fortunate enough to know both sets of my grandparents very well. All four of them were alive until I was 14 years old. My mother's father, though a lawyer, was passionate about education and served on the board of Benedict College, Converse College, and Richland County Schools. I remember him talking about an education being the one thing you couldn't steal from a man. It was this passion as well as his kindness that allowed for my sister and me to attend private schools in Columbia. 

My other grandfather was a civil engineer and WW II pilot. He served as resident engineer for the Highway department and then as the Sumter Country Engineer until retiring in 1972. I've been told that when he came to Sumter after WWII, 90% of the bridges in Sumter County were still wooden. He was a "bridge builder" and I hope to live into that legacy. 

After completing undergraduate studies in Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina, I moved to Charleston for Physical Therapy school at the Medical University of South Carolina, graduating in 2002. I have always had a strong vocational calling and I still love being a physical therapist. Overall, I have been working in healthcare for 28 years. I have always loved helping and serving others and I have served on many medical mission trips locally and abroad. 

My wife, Christi, and I met through work. Christi also works in healthcare as an occupational therapist. She is creative, supportive, steady, and kind. I could not be running for the Senate if she wasn't just as devoted to a life of service as I am. We make an incredible team and if you see us together, you will see the joy we share when collaborating to serve others. Christi's two children from her previous marriage are one of my greatest unexpected joys in life. I have always loved mentoring young boys/men in the outdoors through my love of hunting and fishing, but the role of "bonus Mom" has been fulfilling beyond words. We'd love for to join us at a Sumter High football game anytime!

The paragraphs above tell you a little bit about my story, but they still don't really describe who I am as an individual.

First and foremost, I am a child of God, and one of my God given gifts is being a protector of those without a voice. My self-worth is not determined by what I do, but I do hope it reflects my genuine understanding of the Lord's calling in my life. I have the words "to serve" tattooed on my heart. "It's not about me" was the first thing I heard my sister say when her first child was born. I believe that statement can also and should be applied to those who choose the life of a public servant. It is truly not about me, this is about you, the people of District 35. 

If you think we need more of that (more woman, more mothers, more listeners, more protectors) in the South Carolina Senate, please join hands along side me in making this district and state a better place for all. 


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